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The great diversity of cultures that have colonized India has greatly enriched its gastronomy. Indian food in Malaga is closely linked to the use of spices and the careful elaboration of each dish.

You will discover new colours, textures and flavours, and if you have not tried Indian cuisine before, a unique dining experiences awaits you.

We will share with you some curiosities about Indian cuisine, which will surely surprise you.

Eating with your hands. In India it is typical to eat the dishes directly with the hands because this way the food is of better taste. In the West on the other hand we have the habit of eating with a knife and fork, and this is what you will find in any Indian restaurant. Although … the decision is up to you.

Very colourful dishes. One of the things that draws the most attention to the dishes of Indian cuisine is their colours and aroma. The use of spices for all of them gives the dishes bright and lively colours that will arouse your appetite.

The most exquisite cuisine in the world. It is considered to be the most exquisite cuisine in the world. This is because each ingredient has been selected and elaborated in a specific way to bring a unique flavour to the dish. Hence Indian cuisine’s elaboration is most noticed in its flavours.

It’s not so spicy. Indian cuisine is not exclusively spicy. In the menu of restaurants they usually inform you about spicy level of the dish, or even give you to choose this aspect. So if you do not like spices, do not worry, you can order your dish without them.

Great use of spices. When entering an Indian restaurant the richness of the spices used will engulf you by their aromatic presences. Spices provide a unique and delicious flavour to dishes, and are widely used in Indian cuisine.

The stews. Indian cuisine is known to be a healthy cuisine and one of the reasons is a large range of stews which it offers. If you like stews do not hesitate to try them again … they are exquisite!

Now you can enjoy the best Indian food in Malaga. At Amigos Muelle Uno we make our quality dishes with the very best ingredients, and in the purest Indian style and traditions. Visit our restaurant that is located in one of the most privileged places of the city, within Muelle Uno. Enjoy its views, its atmosphere and our delicious dishes.

We expect to see you soon!

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