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Indian cuisine in Malaga has become one of the most popular and requested cuisines. Their unique flavours and colours attract more and more people.

In spite of this there are surely many facets of this cuisine that you did not know. In this article we mention the most prominent ones.

The tandoor is a traditional Indian oven, it is widely used for cooking the dishes of the Indian cuisine. It is an oven that uses charcoal and of cylindrical form, used to make foods like Indian bread (Naan), meat dishes like our Chicken Tikka and Brocheta Sheek, or vegetables. The tandoor gives the food a touch of smoky flavour without the fat.

Are all the dishes Chilli Hot?
Although the widespread belief that all Indian food is spicy, this in fact is not the case. In practically when dining at an Indian restaurant, you are always informed of the intensity of the spiciness (spicy taste), and what level you want your dish to have it or not. Spicy flavour dishes are something you either love or hate. That’s why Indian cuisine restaurants have adapted to the needs of customers so that their food is for all tastes. In addition, lighter dishes are being ordered and processed in India. Dishes with less spices and even without spices at all.

It is somewhat surprising that in India seafood has become very famous. Cities like Bombay are full of seafood restaurants. In our dishes such as Prawns Tikka Masala or Biryani with Prawns you will find seafood or fish, creating delicious combinations.
When you hear the word “curry” what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Surely you have to (look at) the following image:

However, curry is not what you know from the picture above. The word curry refers to any dish prepared with that sauce, hence we can find Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry, Curry Vegetables or Curry Prawns. That is, it is not the spice itself, but a sauce created from a combination of other spices and ingredients.

In our restaurant at Amigos Muelle Uno you can try the most authentic Indian cuisine there is in Malaga. Made in the purest Hindu style, and in one of the most privileged places of the city, within Muelle Uno. Its incredible views and atmosphere only adds to the dining experience.

We expect to see you where you will enjoy a dining experience like no other.

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